Decorating man’s bedroom

How different does a man’s bedroom look?

While every person is different and have different tastes there are some concepts in man’s bedroom design that are common and universal.

Simplicity and functionality are good examples. Men need to have a place for everything. They want the plugs right next to the bedside table for devices. They want big dressers and closet systems to keep clothes well organized. The bed must be comfortable and good quality.

There is a misconception that man’s bedroom must be dark and moody. While there are many examples to confirm that, it doesn’t need to be true. Men usually tend to stick to neutral colours – palette of white, gray, brown and black but often subtly spice it up with a bold accent.

Man's bedroom

The masculine vibe is often reinforced with a rough concrete, rustic wood, brick walls, leather, metal armchair and an inspiring mix of geometric patterns. The roughness of these materials can be softened by careful use of animal accents like sheepskin rug and reindeer hide.