Reindeer hides in interior design

Why you should consider reindeer hides for your home

Genuine reindeer hide rugs are rapidly growing in popularity in interior design. Home owners are turning to these natural, decorative pieces to spruce up their home decor plans because they make amazing additions to any theme. Their unique markings and natural hues of grey and brown compliment earth tones, pastels, wood and many other textures and colors. These rugs are extremely versatile when it comes to decorating, and they will blend seamlessly with a variety of different color schemes. You can drape a hide over a seat to add the touch of nature to the living room. They look amazing underneath a glass table and simply stunning on natural wood. You can also hang it over a wood banister, a wood chest or a wooden rocking chair for a tranquil rustic effect.

When you glide the palm of your hand across the silky, smooth fur of a reindeer pelt you will experience the luxurious feel of its natural, thick, dense hair. Reindeer fur retain heat naturally because the hair fibers are hollow.
Initially, reindeer fur may shed a bit but over time this should stop as the fibers settle. The best way to clean a reindeer rug is to take it outside and gently shake it. If the hide retains some condensation just hang it over a rail and let it dry naturally. Avoid placing these rugs near a fireplace or other heat sources. However you chose to use it in your home design reindeer hide rug will be a luxurious addition in any room.