How to prepare the garden for spring?

The approaching end of winter, the coming spring, is the best time to take care of the garden. Preparing the garden for the season requires various works, many activities. All for one purpose – the garden should look impressive, and all its elements should be in the best condition.

Cleaning the area after the winter period, thorough preparation of the lawn, shrubs, flowers or trees for the vegetation period. Preventive measures to protect vegetation against, for example, diseases. Everything has to be carefully planned and implemented.

Where do we start?

Thorough cleaning of the area is the number one task on the list of garden works. After the winter is over, it’s time to tidy up. Getting rid of dry leaves, cleaning up plant remains lying on the lawn or between plants is extremely important. Leaving any garbage or plant remains on the lawn will lead to its destruction. Grass roots will not be able to take up enough water. However, you must be very careful when cleaning the lawn. Rake in such a way as not to tear the turf from the soil.

Before the arrival of spring, you can do the process of rolling the lawn. It is necessary in a situation where uplifts have arisen. The left uplifts can cause the grass to die, because the roots are not properly attached to the ground. When trying to get rid of “bald” areas on the lawn, sow only with the same seeds from which the lawn was created.

Discovering plants

When the frost stops, remove any covers that the plants have overwintered in. The safest time to do this is at the turn of March and April. When taking off the covers, do it when there is no sunny weather. Exposing plants to sunlight right away can be a shock to them. All kinds of coverings such as mats, bags or agrotextile should be properly secured so that they serve the plants equally well during the next autumn and winter.

How to prepare the soil for new plants?

The end of winter is the best time to prepare the soil for sowing. Wherever sowing is planned, the soil must be dug up very carefully. This should be done to a depth of 10 cm, and then wait about 7 days. This is due to the fact that the earth dug in this way should settle thoroughly. Special bowls should be placed next to the trees, as this process will allow them to better collect and store water.

Some plant species cannot develop properly at low temperatures. After planting them, e.g. in March, they should be protected with agrotextile or special bags. This will make them fit properly. At the same time, their vegetation process will be accelerated.

Fertilizer, manure or compost should also be used before spring arrives. This will support the growth of the plants and will prevent the attack of pests. Fertilizer in the garden should only be used when necessary. When fertilizing the soil, you should stick to the main rule, namely it is always better to give less than to overdo it. Too much fertilizer will be counterproductive.

The turn of winter and spring is a period of intensive work in the garden. Properly planned and performed activities related to preparing this place for the arrival of spring will pay off. A beautiful garden, properly developing vegetation and perfect harvest, e.g. from fruit trees.



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