Product care


Reindeer hides are known for being delicate. Please locate them away from heat sources (e.g. heaters, fireplace, radiators etc). To prevent drying don't put them on the very often walked on path to avoid wearing out and losing hair.
All you need to do is shake the hide outside every few weeks.


It is important to remember our sheepskin rugs are natural product and although their wool is a very good dirt and liquid repellent, you will still have to clean it at some point.
Most of the time, for general weekly up keep, you can remove dust and loose hair easily by using a coarse brush. You can also do wonders by shaking the rug vigorously to remove small particles.
If it gets wet, you should absolutely NEVER use a tumble dryer.
It is also possible to have your sheepskin rug dry cleaned if that is the method you would prefer.