This natural sheepskin rug is approximately 125cm x 75cm (49" x 29 1/2") on fur side.

Average fur length: ca 7cm (3").

On the last photo we show how we measure the rug.

Our British sheepskins come in variety of sizes and colours.

Compared to Icelandic sheepskins, they have a bit shorter wool and they are thicker and heavier.

They make a great rug, throw, seat warmer or pet bed.

They add warmth and texture to your home.

Being durable and hard wearing, they are an item to treasure for years.

These sheepskins have a great decorating potential thanks to their fluffy, soft fur.

They are very versatile and can be used as floor rugs, sofa or bed throws, chair or foot stool cover etc.

Our products are natural and hand made in EU.

"The origins of the Jacob are not known. It has been bred in the British Isles for several hundred years. Sheep of this kind, little different from the modern breed, were shown in paintings from about 1760 at Tabley House in Cheshire, and – by George Stubbs – at Wentworth Woodhouse in Yorkshire.

In the de Tabley family, the tradition was that the piebald sheep had come ashore in Ireland from a wrecked ship of the Spanish Armada in 1588, and been brought to England by Sir John Byrne on his marriage.

Among the many accounts of ancient breeds of piebald sheep is the story of Jacob from the first book of the Hebrew Bible, called by Christians the Old Testament. According to the Book of Genesis, Jacob took every speckled and spotted sheep from his father-in-law's (Laban's) flock and bred them. Due to the resemblance to the animal described in Genesis, the Jacob sheep was named for the Biblical figure of Jacob sometime in the 20th century. (Wikipedia)"

Please note that we try our best to ensure that the photos convey how the product looks in reality, however differences in light and the way various devices display colour may result in some differences.

Genuine British Jacob Sheepskin Rug J235

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